How does the hair care products benefit the hair?

Harlie Hair Locs N Curls  products are known to deliver a stimulating experience that allows hair growth and strengthening of the hair follicles all in one.

Are the hair care products safe for children?

Yes, our hair care products are suitable to use on children older than 3.

Are the hair care products specifically for black people?

Even though our products are specially formulated to tend to naturally curly hair, it is suitable for any ethnicity. 

What is USDA organic?

USDA organics are processed according to federal guidelines addressing many factors including use of additives. Organic producers rely on natural substances to the fullest extent possible. 

How are your products vegan-friendly?

There are no testings done on animals, nor do we use any by-product substances of animals.

Are the hair care products safe for dyed or permed hair?

Our formula may not give the desired results for hair that has been chemically treated with a perm. Our line caters to natural hair, but it is safe for color dye treated hair.

Does the hair care products have effect on oily hair?

With some shampoos that are fortified with oils to relieve course, dry hair; we also have a product, Rosemary & Mint shampoo, for balancing hair oiliness and texture.

Are the hair care products infused with crystals?

No. Our products are not infused with crystals. Crystal collections and decor are apart of a different company subhead of Harlie Angels, Inc.

How do I join the networking community?

Follow the homepage to the sign up for membership anchor. Harlie Angels all access pass is a free membership offering networking, business tips, and beneficial blog post. Get all the features of a social media  platform by downloading the Wix app.

Can I post my products for community consumption?

Yes. There are designated areas on the member platform for you to advertise your products and communicate with potential buyers.

Does the lapidary crystals come with a stand?

No. The stands are sold seperately.

Are the crystals cleansed before purchase?

No. We do not attempt any affirmations over your products.