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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Residents of Baton Rouge are apprised of Baton Rouge Gallery - BRG in City Park. Known for its spacious, open gallery concept and contemporary pieces of artwork ranging from clay porcelain statues to paper work mediums.

Baton Rouge Gallery, a Bon-profit contemporary art gallery, is one of America’s oldest professional artist cooperatives. Since founding in 1966, it has been an ever-evolving , dynamic force in the contemporary art scene of Louisiana promoting unique cultural programming.

The gallery is also launching a new web series: Artists In Residences which is a twice a week check-in with artists of all kinds, taking you into their home and into the what, why, and how behind the art they make.

Check it out on Facebook Live every Tuesday and Friday. See previous episodes on YouTube.

But for here, and now, a good art interpretation is still worth justice.

This week's visit to the art gallery in Baton Rouge's downtown district in preparation for my own art gallery release opening left me feeling very satisfied N The Art Space. There were a few clay statue work of arts featuring intriguing incorporations of amethyst crystals made of porcelain that left me in awe. But I narrowed my favorite selection down to six crafty works of art. I'll breeze through the first five to allow my readers a feel for their own conception of them as art allows, but the last one really caught my eye, lits!

As an artist it's refreshing to find artistic meaning behind what most people would assume to be simple illustrations. As you review these works of art try to find a meaning that you can resonate with. Besides the titles and visual images, there are vibes that are associated with different colors, strokes that can give off a strong handling, or soft strokes that imply compassion. What does these illustration bring to you? Just something to give thought to as you scroll through.



Digital Drawing



Oil On Canvas






Digital Drawing

So finally, the best for last. Something about this photo spoke more depth than the others. Aside from the fact that it is traditionally a 3-D work of art, the higher dimensions of the medium really was able to bring this art to life.



Thread & Acrylic

Behind those eyes is right. The thread added perfect 3-D affect to the mesmerizing, yet simple, painting of the eyes. The detail of the eyes carried the depth of the focal point of the piece. An emerald tone of grey evenly overshadowed the threaded masterpiece as the eyes caught the illusion of precision compared to the painting strokes throughout the rest of the artwork. I couldn't help but feel an aura of greed; the passion of money only associated by the anomaly of "green eyes".

Art is sincerely defined by the person that is viewing it. It can mean many different things on so many levels all depending on how it correlates to your soul. You can see these pieces and more by various artist at the Baton Rouge Art Gallery in the local City Park area. These were only the top 6 I found intriguing. I recommend planning a visit for yourself to view the wide range of arts available to the public. In the meantime, I will be in preparation for my own art gallery opening, and I hope to have you there!

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