The Crown Chakra

The lowers chakras can be classified as our instictive response in relations with the projected world, while the upper chakras play a more internal role of self advocacy. After a full transformation most people go through a reinvention of self; rebirth. Something that the crown chakra brings into consciousness. 

The Sahasrara, its Sankrit name, translates to "a thousand petals". The symbol of this chakra is closely identified as a purple lotus flower with multiple layers of outward pointing triangular petals. The Sahasrara chakra may also go by the name of Sahastrar.

Everything grows with an established foundation. Foundation are suppose to be stable, but imagine growing from fluidity. That's exactly the fundamentals of the crown chakra. And just like a lotus flower growing through the muddy waters, a beautiful blooming appears. The root chakra has the gravitational weight of those chakras that preceeds its energy. Once aligned the bonded elements can create a stable flowing supply of energy.

As you could imagine, the location for the crown chakra is the top of the head, or slightly above the head. It takes all the elements developed from its previous counterparts; survival, comfortability, emotions, understanding, truth, and perception and creates a spiritual force field that directs our capability to be an individual being functioning in a multi dimensional universe. 

The crown chakra stimulate the functions of higher consciousness by connecting the spirit with body. The pituitary gland, pineal gland, and hypothalamus are all our organs that work together to regulate our endocrine system. The crown chakras energy center relays qualities of our spiritual essence that creates chemical responses controlled by our endocrine system with the purpose of regulating optimal operational levels. This optimizes awareness of universal connectivity.

The symbols color of purple resonates with a deep mystical cleansing. That explains why the crown chakra is sometimes associated with the color white giving an in depth understanding of purity after destruction, rebuilding, and the production of something new, and purified. The auric colors of gold, white, and clear can be perceived.

Impressions of the crown chakra include a natural intellectual understanding of universal concepts. An impaired crown chakra energy center will result in the consideration of every day task being mentally draining. Or, a general closed minded approach to anything requiring mental stimulations. Physical conditions of an impaired crown chakra include recurring headaches, or migraines, insomnia, and depression.


•Low Vibrational Crown Chakra

•Imbalanced Crown Chakra

•Overactive Crown Chakra

•Blocked Crown Chakra

Meditation is the primary key to balancing the seventh chakra. It takes a deep understanding of your truth, and where that syndication lies within reality. You have to find a place of acceptance of self, and purpose of functionality. Everything about your internal concept of being must align for you to function at your highest self. Participation in exercises that develop character can reduce anxiety and level out energy sources. 

Chakra Test

Discover which of your seven chakras need to be balanced, whether they are too open and dominant or under-active, blocked, and closed. A chakra test calculates the dominate chakras just as it calculates blocked chakras. The test gives you hindsights on how to balance and align your root, sacrak, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakra. Take the test at to find out your guiding and dominant chakra.

Your date of birth is not necessary, because unlike the traditional astrological signs, the chakras arise from a process of spiritual and holistic elevation, thanks to exercise of meditation and lifestyle adaption that can be started at all stages of life. 

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Discovering the natural essence of your crown chakra can lead to a joyous life experience, embracing the wisdom of your true self - and an expression of this spiritual connection in every aspect of your life. 

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