The Root Chakra

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

The root is considered the base of most living things. The base keeps it standing firm. In popular comparison, it is one of the essential ways plants receive nutrients. Even hair follicles. The root chakra is the foundation of alignment for the rest of the chakras. Some people call it "grounding". The concept to plant yourself on Earth grid in natural consciousness. The main objective; aligning mind with soul.

The root chakra is the first chakra located at the very end of the spinal cord. This chakra may also be referred to as "Muladhara", or Adhara, which can be translated to root support.

The symbol of the root chakra is described as a flower with four petals. In depth picture a circle with four downward pointing triangle shaped petals. Inside the circle encompasses a downward pointing triangle inside a square. The downward pointing triangle signifying spirit connecting with physical. In Witch terms, "so below". The downward pointing triangle will be a popular projection within the upward alignment of the rest of the chakras, as each chakra is a energy gateway tranfusing one chakra energy with the next until highest point achievable.

The color significantly distinctive with the root chakra is red. This color is used in its symbol as well. Red symbolizes strength, vitality, and stimulation of our instincts. Even though red is the color of the symbol's petals, it can alse be associated gold and yellow.

When the root chakra is unbalanced you may experience problems with over activity in everyday activities like eating. Irrational negative thinking can be constant and persistent. Or, most times living in the essence of feeling flight or fight paranoia labeled survival mode. Since the root chakras ties in with comfortability, a blocked chakra may also result in uneasiness and the inability to feel secure with life's situations leading to decisions made based off fear. An over active chakra can produce greed.

A simple concept to help us alleviate root chakra imbalances is to remember manifestation starts in the mind. Mentally it takes a redesign of the thought process. When we create our reality, we start with thoughts that create the image of ourselves. And creation requires energy. So all that energy can spiritually be projected into mental balance. Physically, the root chakra can be balanced by Earth's elements. I personally plant my bare feet into the soil and imagine being one with a living, ever revolving world considering the fact that from dirt we are created and shall return. Too extreme? You can also do simple things like taking a hike or planting a garden. Try to surround yourself with Earth tones and neutral colors. If you want to take it a step further, yoga is a great way to open the root chakra and get your energy flowing.

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Your date of birth is not necessary, because unlike the traditional astrological signs, the chakras arise from a process of spiritual and holistic elevation, thanks to exercise of meditation and lifestyle adaption that can be started at all stages of life.

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The root chakra takes its place as the safe haven for the dormant kundalini until it uncoils and expands its energy across the rest of the chakras.

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