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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

8 Signs of Your Intuition and Divine Guidance That You Can Trust 6/9/2016 1 Comment by Julianne Kulosa Julianne is a Spiritual Intuitive and Guide, empowering others to live a life of miracles and magic through trusting the power of love. Trusting the guidance of your angels, guides and true authentic self is simpler that you think.  The only thing in the way is YOU.  While there are basic ways people experience guidance from their angels, guides, and their own authentic divine nature, each person is unique in their experience.  Know that if an experience contains any fear-based emotions or thoughts, they are not to be trusted as divine guidance.  Even if your intuition alerts you to not trust a situation or person, such as a scam artist or where your safety is involved such as to not get on a plane, the alert itself is just a clear jolt of information given to take immediate action on as opposed to the worry, doubt or anxiety that comes with fearful thoughts.  No matter how pretty or professional a package of  information comes in, even if labeled as “spiritual”, if it doesn’t feel right to you, it is most important to trust your own higher guidance. Signs You Can Trust 1. Synchronicity Some define synchronicity as a “meaningful coincidence”.  When you are following your intuition and divine guidance, life begins to flow and align with your heart’s desire and soul’s mission.  You are in the right place at the right time, and things occur with greater ease and grace.  2. Repetitive Signs Your intuition and angels are persistent.  Messages and guidance often aren’t given just once.  They will repeat until you receive them, accept them, and take action if necessary.  Watch those calm repetitive thoughts that guide you toward an action for your well-being, and those signs in your environment and dreams such as number sequences, feathers, coins, birds, animals, songs and what you hear or read from others. 3. Feel-good Emotions When you’re connected into your higher knowing and divine guidance, you can’t help but feel good.  Even the greatest crisis can bring with it a sense of peace or calm.  The truth of who you are is filled with states of being and experiencing unconditional love, joy, gratitude, trust, compassion and peace.  As hard as your situation might be, when you tap into the divine, you know that all is truly well. 4. Calm Inner Knowing Your intuition and divine guidance bring with them a calm inner knowing, even amid intense circumstances.  You might feel a relaxation throughout your body, a calm grounded feeling in your belly or gut, a sense of peacefulness, or of certainty (the “I just know” – without rhyme or reason - sensation).  Even if the message is alerting you to a danger, instead of fear, you are calmly guided to take important immediate action that will bring you to safety.  5. Lack of Judgment Divine guidance and your intuition are neutral.  Even with our own judgment of “good” or “bad” feelings about a situation, the actual guidance comes as information, plain and simple.  This is why there is a sense of calmness, that everything will be ok, and you can feel free to accept and be at peace with any situation.  This is the energy of unconditional love.  Everything becomes simply an experience, a lesson, an opportunity for growth and expansion.  There are no “shoulds” present, no doomed feelings such as “If I don’t do this, then something bad will happen.”  That interpretation comes from our minds.  Start to notice the initial guidance you received.  It will come simply as information, whether a thought, feeling, sensation, sound, smell, or visual cue. 6. Sudden Ideas or Flashes Often when we ask for guidance, a sudden thought will cross our minds.  Pay attention to those flashes of inspiration, no matter how seemingly insignificant, irrelevant or trivial.  Take action! 7. A Simple and Direct Action Step Divine guidance is given one step at a time.  You might want more prosperity, overwhelmed by debt and bills, and are guided to clear out the clutter in your closet.  You might want vibrant health, and are guided to simply drink more water.  While your goals, challenges or problems might feel huge, you can trust that each small step, taken one at a time, will have you reach your larger goals. 8. Something Out of the Ordinary You’re going along with your day, kind of operating on automatic, and you notice something different.  This could look like a thought, “Get off at this exit now,” and you avoid an accident.  You might see an animal acting out of the norm, or a bird where you might not usually see it.  You walk into a room, feeling fine, and suddenly you feel angry, nervous or sad.  You feel a breeze when all the windows and doors are closed.  Notice when something is out of place or suddenly different.  Your inner and outer divine guidance is speaking to you!  There are usually more than one of these signs happening at any given time.  If you doubt, breathe and ask, “Is this my intuition?” or “Is this my angels?”  Trust the immediate answer when it brings with it that calm knowing without judgment.  Call on your angels and divine guides and ask for even clearer messages.

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