Vegans, Be Like...

Recently, I decided to change my diet habits. I’ve noticed it’s more greasy, unhealthy, and unprocessed foods on the market now more than ever. Speaking of greasy, OMG Baked Potatoes in Houston is the best 😋 But, unfortunately I needed to clean my system. Studies show processed meat leaves the body more fatigue. The last time I decided to cook chicken wings I could literally see the bruises and torment that animal probably endured during the farming process. It was almost, traumatizing. luckily, I have the desire to improve. Not playing any games, I brought healthy organic food. Mostly green vegetables and fruits. I wanted to show you there is way to fix your diet without altering the groceries you would normally shop for. Getting rid of meat is an essential part of cleaning your system. This is a just a helpful guide targeted for people who specifically are just winging into veganism.

1. Cut out dairy

2. Cut out meat

3. Cut out gluten

My typical shopping list includes the following;

Asparagus | Chao Slices | Paprika

Bananas | Kale | Zatarain's Blackened Seasoning

Blueberries | Spinach | Whole Grain Cereal

Mushrooms | Iceburg Lettuce | Red and Green Peppers

Cherry Tomatoes | Lemons | Onion and Garlic

Assorted Tea | Frozen Peas | Shrimp

Canned Chickpeas | Strawberries

Brocolli | Yukon Potatoes

Cucumbers | Tofu

Green Peas | Coconut Milk

Powdered Sugar | Vegetable Broth

Syrup | Dairy- free Butter

White Jasmine Rice | Whole Grain Gluten Free Noodles

Eggs^ | Whole Wheat Bread

Soy Milk | Gravy Mix

Soy Sauce | Miso Paste

Tilapia^ | Balsamic Viniagrette

Spring Roll | Vanilla

Polenta | Ketchup

*Significant changes in diet are detailed in bold. Specifying better ways to cut dairy and gluten from your diet.

^When fully transitioning to a complete vegan diet, foods such as fish and eggs are still frowned upon.

Below I decided to make a short list of the few meals I love to cook up. Click on the pictures for details on how to make these delicious eats.

Shrimp Pasta with Peas

Roasted Potatoes, Asparagus, and Fish

Scrammbled Eggs with Mushrooms and Diced Tomatoes/ Fruit

Miso Ramen Tofu/ Corn/ Boiled Egg

Hash Browns and Toast/ Fruit

Omelet with Spinach and Diced Tomatoes/ Fruit

Shrimp Spring Rolls w Ayaki Sauce

Fresh Lettuce Salad, Cherry Tomatoes,

Many Different Variation of how I cook and season my fish for meal

Variation of sides, and how to cook them mostly potatoes

The whole point is to cut back on meats and rely on a different source of protein. If you'd like you can incorporate more nuts, sesame seeds, or grains into your meals.

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