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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

The first step to a healthy routine is healthy habits. I think a foundation worth steady guidelines is to make a better daily routine. I try to workout every morning to get my day started. I start my day with more of a cardio/ stretch routine. Gotta get those bones and muscles back working after sitting at a desk for so long!

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Its its actually harder than it looks. My first time finishing a session had my abs on fire. But, not only that, my entire torso, including my sides were burning. I think those perfect abs ecentuates the outine of your cuts. Angel Abs workout, along with the Angel Butt exercises gives a normal bod that defined, toned look in less than an hour of your day so you can get back to your day.

Anhel Abs focuses on mainly the lower abdominal, upper abdominal, and obliques regions. Completely each exercise at a high intensity interval taking routine 15 second rest periods will have the highest impact on results. Follow workout as listed below;

25 reps each

-Single Leg V-Up

-Bicycle Crunch

-Flutter Kicks

-Abdominal Crunch

-Reverse Crunch

15 second rest

-Knee Grab Sit Up

-Abdominal Crunch

-Bicycle Kicks

-Mountain Climbers

-Russian Twist

15 second rest

-Plank Hip Twist

-Side Plank Knee Crunch (L/R)


-Side Plank Hip Lift (L/R)

-Reverse Crunch

-Russian Twist

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